About Us

About us

MTA is the original and best, proudly 100% Australian and family owned and operated. We started out as traditional travel agency and have been licensed for more than 20 years.

In the late 1990s, we recognised the future of the industry and pioneered the mobile travel agency business model here in Australia. Today, our leisure and corporate travel agency employs Australia’s leading team of mobile travel agents, right across the country.

We’ve given over 350 travel agents the tools and support to take control of their lives, eliminate the ‘commute’, the hassle, and the overheads – and significantly increase their income and security, by growing and caring for their own client database.

When travel agents join MTA they experience a proper work/life balance... possibly for the first time in their life! Our Mobile Travel Agents have complete flexibility: they choose their work hours, where they meet their clients, which suppliers they book with and much more.

MTA is highly respected and recognised within the travel industry, both nationally and internationally. We enjoy ‘big agency’ buying power and can offer exclusive deals and unique travel experiences in both the corporate and leisure markets. In 2000 we joined the Travelscene American Express network as a corporate member. In 2007 we were invited into the exclusive international Virtuoso network, ensuring global connections at the highest level. Also in 2007, we were selected by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic team and appointed one of the Australia’s eight Virgin Galactic Accredited Space Agents.

Our 24/7 support team receives constant accolades for their friendly, professional assistance with marketing, ticketing and all travel and IT questions. We pride ourselves on our cloud based Virtual Office technology and remote systems, developed in-house by our IT team.

We’re all about reinvigorating your career by giving you and your clients the ‘star’ treatment. We’ve even been independently voted Happiest Agency Group in Australia and we proudly claim to have the highest agent satisfaction and real commission yield in the business.

What Industry Experts say:

Matthew D. Upchurch, CTC Chairman and CEO - Virtuoso
“MTA travel advisors provide expert advice and services to their clients. From a weekend holiday at the beach to a ride aboard the first commercial space ship, MTA knows travel.”
Neil Robertson Regional Industry Sales Manager - Virgin Australia
“The professionalism, experience and passion speak volumes about the MTA culture! We are very fortunate and so proud to have MTA as our partner.”
Jayson Westbury Chief Executive - AFTA
“As a loyal and long time member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents, MTA is showing more and more why making the right choice of travel agent is as important as selecting the right destination.”
Peter Lacaze Chief Executive Officer - Jetset Travelworld Limited
“As a Member of Australia’s Leading Travel Agency Group, Travelscene American Express - MTA is already well-established in the travel industry and strongly associated with experience, commitment, innovation, efficiency and superior service. I believe their creative and exciting new branding will help further define MTA as a unique and innovative provider in today’s competitive travel sector, and I congratulate them on a job well-done.”

Why go mobile?

We offer experienced travel agents like you a whole new way to achieve work/life balance - yet with all the advantages of working for a highly respected agency.


Why choose MTA?

MTA revolutionised the traditional travel agency model in the 90's, by bringing experienced Travel Experts to clients.

What our Agents think?

Don’t just take our word for it! Warning: this is seriously inspiring! Are you ready?


Let’s talk $$$. We’re confident that when you really do your sums and have all the relevant information, you’ll see that MTA offers you the best deal.


Whether you’re an agency owner/manager,
corporate or leisure specialist, or just want to know how it all works, you’ll find lots of useful info here.

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