MTA offers the most comprehensive suite of online and print marketing tools fully supported to ensure you have everything you need to grow your personal client base.

Advanced online marketing solutions

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Personal Agent Website

You can have a Personal Agent Website at no additional cost including:
  • Personal overview with contacts
  • Hot deals with book online
  • Built in search engine optimisation
  • Travel diary for SEO
  • Advanced social referral strategy
  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Optional flights booking engine

Personalised eNewsletters

Email marketing is the most powerful online marketing tool which is why MTA offers personalised emarketing support.

Available free to all MTA - Mobile Travel Agents who sign up for a Personal Agent Website and includes monthly graphical hot deals, spot sales and client database protection.

Personal 1300 number

Access to your own 1300 number with your personal extension assisting in a seamless professional contact point for your clients and prospective clients.

Virtuoso Life Exclusive Offers eNewsletter

At no extra charge you will receive your own personalised eNewsletter of the Virtuoso Life eNewsletter for you to easily forward onto your client base.

Virtuoso Escapes eNewsletter

Access to the free monthly Virtuoso Escapes eNewsletter that offers exceptional luxury deals and unique offers for you to sell to your valued clients.

ClientBase CRM

ClientBase Windows is the dedicated CRM tool designed specifically for travel agencies to provide complete profile, contact and trip management abilities. It pushes client information to the GDS and retrieves and stores booking data. It automatically produces itineraries, invoices and is the industry's best marketing software.

Client Database Protection

MTA offers client database protection when you have a Personal Agent Website. All enquiries via the web, agent sites and call centre are cross checked to all agent databases to ensure you never miss a booking.

Search Engine Marketing

Access to MTA digital marketing agency who can assist you to tailor search engine and other online media campaigns to boost your enquiries via the web anytime you need them.

Enticing Print Marketing and Travel Brochures

Personal MTA Branding

Access to MTA personal branded business cards, letterheads, with compliments, local press and magazine advertising templates, uniforms even car signage and decals.

MTA Brochures

Access to MTA branded brochures and templates for your personalised marketing as well as supplier brochures which you can order direct from the distribution houses. MTA Head Office also keeps a small number of supplier brochures on hand.

MTA Exhibition/Event Banners

Access to MTA branded pull-up banners for use at events, functions or conferences.

Virtuoso Bi-Monthly Magazine

Access to the bi-monthly Virtuoso Life Travel Magazine, an award winning travel magazine personalised with your name and address, to bring you the spectacular destinations and expert advice that will help you offer only the best travel experiences to your clients.

Client Magazine Subscriptions

Additionally, you may engage in subscribing to this magazine for your clients. Your clients will receive their personalised copy, with your consultant details featured on the back cover.

Virtuoso Personalised Templates

Access to a range of Virtuoso advertising templates branded with your own MTA logo and contact information - to help you with everything from promoting advertising in local magazines or newspapers.

MTA Branded Cruise Guide

Access to the annual MTA branded Cruise Guide that equips you and your clients with all the practical information and advice on cruising, with specific details on what to expect onboard and beyond.

Exclusive Cruise Offers

Early access to exclusive Cruise Campaigns which carry an incentive for your clients and often a bonus incentive for you.

Best of the Best Hotel Book

Opportunity to order Best of the Best Hotel Directory, a superlative coffee table book with compelling information for your high end clients.


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