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We’re confident that we offer you better working conditions, superior systems, more exciting products and the best financial structure, but we want you to
feel totally comfortable and take the time you need to research your decision.

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MTA is proud to offer you the chance to join Australia’s leading mobile travel agency, with not just some but all of the
advantages listed below:

Simple, 1 year agreement

We’re so sure you’ll be happy with MTA that we don’t need to lock you into a contract for two years, or even longer! (For your own sake, please make sure you read the fine print if you’re thinking of signing with someone else…) But even though you’re free to leave after twelve months, more than 25% of MTA have been with us for more than six years - some for over a decade!

We pay fortnightly commissions

Cash flow is crucial, particularly when you’re starting out. We pay twice per month and we pay on completed bookings – we don’t make you wait until after your clients have travelled. That’s how we’ve done it from Day One (11 years ago), and our MTA - Mobile Travel Agents wouldn't have it any other way.

Genuine back office support

Our full-time Head Office team, of more than 20 travel professionals with extensive experience, are always ready to assist and support you. In addition, each person on our management team has between 10 to 50 years experience working in the travel industry. You still have full control of your client files, but it’s like having a team of personal assistants there for you, taking care of all the (boring!) non-income producing back office work. We’re here to help you and free up your time to do what you do best...create fantastic travel experiences for your clients.

Smarter commission deals

Unlike many other agencies, when we negotiate with airlines and suppliers, our goal is to create a structure that gives you a better commission on every booking ‘at source’, rather than a ‘sales bonus’ deal that’s never guaranteed. It’s simpler, easier, and you get a better return from the word go. Plus we give access to true nett nett fares with no additional mark-ups!

Huge savings with free in-house ticketing

Free Head Office ticketing means a considerable saving, so you make the highest margin possible on airfares. In addition, MTA’s ticketing support is second to none. Our Air Product Manager, keeps everyone up to date and our free emergency ticketing support in real time is on hand to further assist, anytime 24/7, should you need it.

No-fees threshold

To further increase your returns, once your gross commission amount reaches $50,000 per annum, you’re exempt from paying our low all-inclusive admin fee ($150 per month plus GST). That's $1800 plus GST per year back in your pocket!

Your choice of all 3 CRS systems

At MTA, we understand that the last thing you want is to have to learn a new system and waste time retraining. Why should you? You’re confident right now with your chosen CRS and starting a new one would increase the risk of ADM’s. So take your pick of Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre, because at MTA, we work with all three.

You’re truly mobile - CRS access anywhere, anytime

MTA's cutting edge IT solutions let you access your CRS virtually anywhere, anytime. Connect to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data Internet on your laptop or smart phone and you’re away. Our remote server and CRS’s can be accessed from PC’s, Apple Mac’s, BlackBerry’s, iPhone’s, iPad’s, Android Phones and more…

Free Helpdesk IT Support

Our systems are incredibly efficient, tried and tested. But sometimes a power failure or hardware crash can lose files or create a disaster right in the middle of a booking (usually at night or on a weekend!) No worries - our super IT team will come to your rescue! You’ll have access to the very best computer helpdesk. Our team is second to none in assisting our consultants and can remotely access and fix things from Head Office, without you lifting a finger. They’ve even been able to assist with Internet issues when our Agents are overseas!

Free Indemnity Insurance

It’s a cost that no one wants to pay…until something goes wrong! Luckily, MTA's inclusive program ensures that every consultant is protected under our blanket professional indemnity policy. We also cover the cost of public liability insurance for expo events.

Marketing support including your own 1300 number

Access to your own personal website, regular personalised eNewsletters and much more - our Marketing Manager will work with you to tailor marketing to suit your needs and you’ll even get a free 1300 number so your clients can contact you without worrying about mobile phone costs.

Go on holiday, educational or sick leave
– and keep your commission!

You’re never alone; we understand you need a break for all sorts of reasons and may need someone to back you up if your clients need assistance while you’re away. Maybe they have a simple question or even a new booking or special that can’t wait for your return. We’ll take care of it and copy you in on all emails and phone conversations. We have a very effective system and procedure for backup. And will you still earn your full commission split? Yes!

Most exciting perks and products…even space flights!

Because MTA has mega buying power, excellent relationships with wholesalers and suppliers, plus membership of Travelscene American Express and Virtuoso (which is strictly ‘invitation only’) you’ll find a whole new world of famils and exclusive products opens up to you and your clients. (To keep track of it all, our custom-designed ‘Virtual Office’ software gives you online access to all the reference information you could ever want.) You’ll be invited to amazing industry training events including luxury cruise ship and airline inspections, product evenings and roadshows…and you’ll even be one of the lucky few Australian Travel Agents who can sell flights to space through Virgin Galactic!


There are some things you can’t put a price on. Like the fact that there are no KPIs to meet or bonus levels to reach. We’ll never pressure or push you, or make you sell a particular product. Your client database is yours and yours alone, and you retain full ownership of it.
You can feel secure in the knowledge that our Head Office does not operate as a retail travel business and will never compete with you for your clients’ business.
We’re 100% Australian-owned, and a family business, and we really do encourage and create a supportive family environment. We understand things from your point of view, and that’s the secret of our success: happy consultants, happy clients, happy life!

Top 10 Reasons To Join!

Why go mobile?

We offer experienced Travel Agents like you a whole new way to achieve work/life balance - yet with all the advantages of working for a highly respected agency.


Why choose MTA?

MTA revolutionised the traditional travel agency model in the 90's, by bringing experienced Travel Experts to clients.

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Let’s talk $$$. We’re confident that when you really do your sums and have all the relevant information, you’ll see that MTA offers you the best deal.


Whether you’re an agency owner/manager,
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