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Why go mobile?

Whether you own/manage an agency or are employed at a traditional agency, if you’re ready to break the chains holding you back, we’re here to help you enjoy freedom, fun and financial success!

Here are just some of the reasons why going mobile will be the best decision you ever make:

  1. Lifestyle

    Take control of your work/life balance. No more asking the boss for time off or missing special events. No more having to apologise to clients so you can rush to fetch the kids.
    No more booking other people’s holidays and never getting your own! As an MTA - Mobile Travel Agent you’ll love the flexibility of planning your days to suit you. Plus you’ll eliminate
    the daily commute, saving even more time to spend on something, or someone, you love.

    “No-one checking your arrival and departure times, no-one you need to ask for time off and heaps of opportunities to travel, work in with the family timetables or just have time to yourself. I just wish I had found MTA sooner…” Maxine. A

  2. Highest returns

    Unlock your earning potential! We know what you want, and we give it to you: the lowest overheads, the very best commissions and the deals, products, affiliations, marketing, support, technology, and industry memberships which will set you apart. It’s not just about commission percentages - get out your calculator and you’ll see how the real net returns stack up.

    “You have the confidence you are receiving the best commission levels available and that MTA is always striving to do the best they can for their consultants.” Bettiann. G

  3. Big agency buying power, without the 9 to 5!

    Did you know that we’re within the top 2% of Australian travel companies? You won’t miss the stress of working for a traditional agency and you won’t miss out on great deals either! Strong long-term relationships with wholesalers and suppliers, coupled with MTA's membership of Travelscene American Express and the (invitation only) Virtuoso Global Network means you and your clients can literally experience a whole new world of benefits!

    “I’m beginning to realise that there are so many benefits I can offer my clients now, as opposed to what I had access to working in a general ‘retail’ travel agency.” Alysha. W

  4. Like your own business, but without the hassle

    Maybe you’ve thought about buying or managing your own agency…or maybe you already do. Have we got news for you! Now you can eliminate overheads - ATAS, rent, staff costs and franchise fees – and really enjoy the personal and financial freedom you crave. As an MTA - Mobile Travel Agent, you’ll have the best of both worlds!

    “MTA is like your own business. You run it as you see fit to produce what you want out of life. Not only do I benefit from the flexibility, but so do my clients and family.” Kim. N

  5. Successful family business

    In 1999, the Merricks Family pioneered the telecommuting travel agency model in Australia. Since then, MTA has grown from strength to strength, but still maintains its family feel and is still 100% Australian owned and run by the Merricks family. Join us and you’ll not only become part of our extended ‘family’ but also benefit from MTA's success and renowned reputation within the industry.

    “I have worked with another mobile agency group but MTA is my number one as they look after all their Agents all around Australia. Roy and Karen give us a great personal touch and are always there for you when you need them.” Laura. G

  6. Full marketing and IT support

    Swapping an agency computer for your own PC or MAC doesn’t mean you‘re on your own - you just get to enjoy our admin, marketing and IT support services from the comfort of your own home! We have an extensive range of marketing support: from your own individual website to e-newsletters, award winning printed ‘Virtuoso Life’ magazine personalised with your contact details, advertising templates, annual Cruise Guide Magazine and our own in-house Marketing Support.

    “The backup office and client support is awesome and there is someone there 24/7 if I have a client emergency. I am cared for, appreciated, trained and looked after in a professional and familiar manner. I love it and wouldn't go back to normal retail [travel] for the world.” Sandy. S

  7. More time doing what you love

    Non-income producing work is a thing of the past with MTA. Our support office is like having your own personal assistant taking care of the day-to-day back office functions, allowing you to focus on your clients and make their travel dreams come true. You’re in control and give instructions to the office with full access to the back office systems.

    “If the ability to run your own business, earn your own commission, balance your work and family life, and offer niche products to specific clientele, all backed by professional friendly staff, from a laptop whilst sitting in your boxer shorts having a bundy 'n' coke doesn’t motivate you - you must be mad!” Kevin. W

  8. Awesome travel opportunities

    Isn’t this why you became a Travel Agent? Experience many amazing destinations firsthand through the huge range of famils on offer - in some cases, you can even take your partner. In addition to supplier famils, we run exclusive private educational trips for our MTA - Mobile Travel Agents!

    “I have been working in the travel industry for over 30 years for large and very small organisations and just wish I could have been working with MTA for a lot longer.” Rosemary. D

  9. Holiday/leave support team

    Our MTA - Mobile Travel Agents have nicknamed them the “A Team” - our Assistance Team who’ll take care of your clients when you’re away, so you can truly relax and enjoy your time off. The Assistance Team is also there to lend a hand when life’s unexpected emergencies call you away. No extra charge, no hassle.

    “The MTA Head Office Team is the magic ingredient. Their support, advice, product knowledge, information and mentoring along your journey makes it so achievable.” Julia. M

  10. More fun! (Seriously!)

    Who says work has to be boring?! At MTA you’re invited to mingle, mix and party with your colleagues in person at regular events held throughout Australia or online through our private social network. We were even voted Happiest Agency Group in Australia. (Source: TravelWeekly)

    “Well, what can I say except I that after 5 years I couldn’t be happier! I wished I had joined the team the year MTA - Mobile Travel Agents started!” Sue. B

Why choose MTA?

Why go mobile?

We offer experienced Travel Agents like you a whole new way to achieve work/life balance - yet with all the advantages of working for a highly respected agency.


Why choose MTA?

MTA revolutionised the traditional travel agency model in the 90's, by bringing experienced Travel Experts to clients.

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